Blood Ritual

Benefactors Support The Satanic Estate. 

Minister Chalice Blythe as Countess Bathory
Photography by Lightwitch

Benefactors make Temple Tuesday & Satanic Holidays possible.

The Benefactors Program is a new method of fundraising. Benefactors experience an elevated guest experience when within The Estate.

By becoming a benefactor, you are supporting the work of the Caretakers at The Satanic Estate. Benefactors invest in our software, events and support our vision of an art-rich palace that Satanists internationally
may come home to.

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Blood Ritual Collection

Of Cinnamon & Smoked Oud.

Benefactor Boxes Include:

Bleeding Candle

Topped with sacred earth from Salem HQ, cinammon and red stones, the fair pink candle bleeds red the color of the scarlet matte candle glass that holds it.

Blood Ritual Necklace

Countess Tea



Blood Ritual Tome

This Bathory blood ritual tome is comprised of blood rituals developed for ritual within The Satanic Temple Salem. All blood rituals have been developed with licensed phlebotomists according to best safety practices and the tenets. The blood ritual tome also includes the story of Bathory within The Satanic Estate.

Elaborate Additions for Benefactors

These ritual objects were ones we loved but had an excessive expense we could not shoulder to launch this line.
If you would like to support the creative collaborators, pre-order below.  We will recurrently fulfill and restock as demand allows.

The luxury ritual bath objects are designed to prevent tub staining. However, we cannot promise your bathtub won't retain the evidence of your Satanic Self-Worship.

Bleeding Human Heart Bath Bomb

Anatomically Correct.

Soaked in Cinnamon
& Smoked Oud.

Lilith Sigil
Shower Melts

Ritualize Showers.

Soaked in Cinnamon
& Smoked Oud.

TST Sigil
Black Satin Robe

Bathing Ritual.

Soaked in Cinnamon
& Smoked Oud.

Spring 2023 : Bathory
"The charges leveled against Báthory have been described by several historians as a witch-hunt.

Other writers, such as Michael Farin in 1989 have said that the accusations against Báthory were supported by testimony from more than 300 individuals, some of whom described physical evidence and the presence of mutilated dead, dying and imprisoned girls found at the time of her arrest."


CHAPTER I - March, 2023

Coming Soon

 In gratitude for your support of The Satanic Estate, The Caretakers offer Benefactors something Satanic, stunning and extremely rare. Satanic luxury ritual objects deliver the divine nostalgia of the sense of returning home.

There will only be 50 Bathory Benefactor Box Sets.

All Proceeds Benefit
The Satanic Temple